Tuesday, November 09, 2010

CC Expo reflections (Contact Babel) & Cisco's latest Contact Centre Announcements

The blog has struggled to find time to comment since CC Expo, so regrets not having done a follow up post recently. One notably omission from my last post was of Contact Babel. As analysts go, they are one of the ones that I rate very highly. The huge bonus of visiting them on the stand is that they were giving away CDs of "The UK Contact Centre Decision Maker's Guide", which is a publication I use the report regularly as it's one of the few to give details on things like the number of multi-channel interactions in UK contact centres. If you missed them at the stand, then the good news is that the report is available for free download from their website.

The other interesting things happening this week were major announcements from Cisco about their contact centre portfolio. The two most exciting parts of this were Social Miner (an integration for the contact centre to track social media) and the Open Recording Architecture (ORA) that will allow capture and recording of media across the network, both inside and outside the traditional contact centre.

For those interested in more, there is a good public webinar on the ORA on the CRMXchange site today.

Presented by Ken Rehor, Product Manager, Cisco
Date: November 11th, 6-7pm GMT, 7-8pm CET
Registration: click here

Contact centers handle thousands of customer conversations a day, but unfortunately much of the enterprise intelligence that could be gleaned from those conversations is never used because it's either too expensive to capture, or too difficult to mine for useful information.
By attending this webcast you will discover how to take an open-standards, network-based approach to recording that addresses these challenges.
You will learn about:
• Example topologies and scenarios for network-based recording
• Sample open Web APIs that facilitate integration of network recording with business applications
• How network-based media forking facilitates live/silent monitoring
• Multiple methods of media playback

Speaker, Ken Rehor, Product Manager, Cisco
Ken Rehor works in Cisco’s Voice Technology Group on the application of new speech technologies for customer care. Prior to joining Cisco, Ken held various consulting and R&D roles at industry leaders including AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs, Nuance, and Vocalocity. Speech Technology Magazine named him one of the industry’s 20 most influential people for his pioneering work as principal founder of the VoiceXML Forum and one of the original authors of the VoiceXML 1.0 specification. Ken is co-chair of the VoiceXML Forum’s Conformance and Speaker Biometrics Committees. He is co-editor of industry standards such as VoiceXML 2.0, 2.1, Call Control XML 1.0, and the forthcoming VoiceXML 3.0. Ken holds seven patents in the area of web-based telecommunications. Ken earned BSEE and MS EECS degrees from the University of Illinois at Chicago.