Friday, September 11, 2009

Cisco Contact Centre on Twitter - part two

One of the things with Web 2.0 is that it can be a little bit of a lottery as to which information sources you find.

So earlier this week, I blogged about Cisco CCBU getting onto Twitter. In fact, this is just one of the developers in the Cisco Contact Centre Business Unit setting up a Twitter account for his area of work which is the next generation reporting based around the Cisco CUIS product.

What I'd not known was that already on Twitter was the Cisco Contact Centre feed, run by the business unit and available at: . More generally, for those who want contact centre news as part of the wider Cisco Collaboration offerings, there is: , covering the wider Cisco collaboration portfolio.

There should be something for every level of interest in contact centre in there....

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simonlp said...

What's the best example you've seen of a company embedding Twitter in its suite of contact centre channels?

I'm interested to know what's seen as the best of the best.